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Oral Surgeon Boynton Beach

Oral Surgeon Boynton Beach

Have you been googling “oral surgeon in Boynton Beach” in hopes of finding a dentist who can help you transform your smile – and give you the results you want? At Ocean Dental Studio, we are experienced in handling complex treatments, so you don’t have to travel elsewhere.

Dr. Michael Rodriguez and his team can help you with …

  • Impacted teeth. Wisdom teeth, usually the last set of teeth to develop, often don’t grow properly and can’t emerge from the gum. This requires one or more extractions, which is something we, your oral surgeon in Boynton Beach, can perform.
  • Dental implants. With training at the prestigious Misch International Implant Instituteand Clinic Mastery Series for dental implants, cosmetic treatments, and advanced dentistry, Dr. Michael has the skills and knowledge to restore your smile with dental implants. An incredibly strong artificial tooth fabricated out of titanium is placed in the jawbone and then covered with a natural-looking crown. Smile, eat, and speak with confidence!
  • Dentures with implants. We can combine dentures with implants to give you the smile of your dreams.
  • Bone grafting. Dr. Michael can restore parts of your jawbone that have deteriorated due to tooth loss. This procedure helps patients who need to restore jawbone before getting dental implants.

So … stop looking for an oral Surgeon in Boynton Beach and pick up the phone to connect with our practice. Once we meet and assess the state of your smile, review your medical history, and discuss your options, we can work with you to develop a customized plan to transform your smile!

Oral Surgeon Boynton Beach
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